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Stone Sealing Brisbane Sealing is an important process of protecting the stone surfaces from staining and make them easy to clean. It provides a peace of mind in the long run. It is very important to seal the stone surface at least once in a year. We also offer stone and marble stain removal service which makes them look as good as new. Depending on the type of the stone, we will advise the best sealing product. We have the enough machinery and experience in dealing with stone sealing services. Our highly qualified workmanship ensures best possible sealing and finish for your stone services.

To ensure only satisfied and best possible services, we employ only highly qualified, trained and certified professionals. For more information on stone sealing and free quotations, you can contact us on 0401 508 938.

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Stone Services

Natural stone is perhaps among the most durable of building and flooring materials in particular. The big reason being that it has the lowest possible abrasion values. This means that they are harder to scuff or scratch as compared to other materials. That said all natural stones are slightly porous, with some being more porous than others. This is why in order to protect the stone it has to be treated with an impregnator which is applied over it, this is a lot like a regular sealer but will not form a film on the stone but rather sits within the pores hence making it impossible to absorb liquids. This process is also called stone sealing and we at Marble Everlast happen to offer the best possible stone sealing in Brisbane today.

All stones require sealing

There are many people who assume that artificial or often fake stones do not need to be sealed artificially which is not true. Both natural and manmade stones need to be sealed as a matter of fact manmade stones are a lot more porous. This is why they often require many frequent applications of stain inhibitors, polishes, resins, and sealers.

As a rule of thumb all porous stones have to be sealed in order to prevent staining and improve its service life. The type of stone sealing in Brisbane we provide aims to form a barrier over the stone’s surface which helps to reduce damage caused by stains. That said if you are sure that the stone you have on your floor is not porous then the grout lines will have to be sealed using special impregnating penetrating sealers. However, this is something that our clients need to let us decide based on our experience and understanding of various stones used as flooring. Keep in mind the fact that while there are various types of sealers there can be only one or two best sealers for a particular type of stone which helps to prevent water from getting into the structure and causing it to deteriorate, crack or weather faster than it should.

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