Concrete Stone Polishing Brisbane

Every stone surface requires regular polishing to maintain their natural beauty. Our technicians are experts in providing polishing services for your stone surfaces. Whatever might be the type of the stone surface, we will use the correct chemicals to achieve glossy and smooth reflection. We choose the appropriate chemical according to the stone. We will bring the natural glossy look to your old tired stone surfaces. We continually update our equipment and chemicals to provide best possible service to our clients. Our trained experts will restore your stone with great care.

Our polishing service will remove all the scratches, stains and transform your stone surface into a clean polished surface. For more information on concrete stone polishing in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and quotations, feel free to contact us on 0401 508 938.

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Stone Services

Over the past couple of years the number of people opting for stone polishing in Brisbane have more than doubled. The reason being that people have begun to understand the importance of stone and concrete polishing in Brisbane. The one big reason in support of polishing is the fact that it helps to remove accumulated dirt as well as revive the appearance of the floor, not to mention extend its life considerably. This is perhaps true for any floor that receives a high volume of traffic either in a business or the home. Polishing stone floorings or concrete is a comparatively cost effective investment especially since replacing or getting them repaired can be a whole lot more expensive. People who are considering selling their property should note that a polished stone floor adds value. That said the frequency of getting a floor polishing mainly depends on the type of stone as well as the amount of traffic received by the floor. So, obviously some stone floors will require much more frequent polishing than others.

How we polish stone

We undertake concrete and stone polishing in Brisbane using an array of methods depending on the type of surface we are dealing with. However, our approach typically involves using a mechanized  rotary device which utilizes powder abrasives. The objective is to use this in order to remove any old sealant and dirt from the surface. Once we see that the surface is spotless, we then proceed with polishing it, after which it is re-sealed and buffed for a perfect finish.

As experts we have years of experience identifying the type of stone or concrete we are working on, since this is a critical part of devising the right polishing technique. For instance, hard stones like granite require far less polishing as compared to other softer stones like dark stone and marble both of which require much more frequent polishing.

If you need to find out more about our stone polishing in Brisbane or require a quote then call 0401 508 938. You can also get in touch by filling out our online form.