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Bench Tops
Bench Tops

Protect your Benchtops from staining and deteriorating.

Marble Everlast specialize in sealing all natural stone bench tops and highly recommend having a sealer applied to protect against spills that can lead to staining. We advise you to avoid any unwanted costs for stain removal procedures and ensure peace of mind in knowing your bench top is protected for years to come.

Marble Everlast only use the highest grade premium sealers that are suitable for your bench top and designed to last. We offer a range of sealers from water to solvent based depending upon the porosity of the stone. Be mindful that you may encounter cheaper quotes for sealing your benchtops. It is highly likely the sealer is of a low standard that will more often than not last only a few weeks or months at best and wear off leaving your stone susceptible to damage.

Benefits of sealing your benchtops with Marble Everlast:

  • Tue and honest evaluation on what is best for your benchtop
  • Customer satisfaction, workmanship and professionalism of the highest level
  • Assurance that we are using the highest standard products.

Call us today on 0401 508 938 to discuss sealing your natural stone benchtops.

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