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Benchtop Repairs
Benchtop Repairs

Cracks, Chips, scratches and stains on your benchtop can be repaired.

With the aid of modern technology, Marble Everlast provide amazing repairs to your damaged Marble and stone benchtops using state of the art UV curing aids along with gels and epoxy risins.
Repair services we provide:

  • Chip Repairs
  • Stain Removal
  • Crack Repairs
  • Joint Replacement
  • Scratch Removal

Marble Everlast provide a prompt and flexible service repairing damages to your kitchen benchtops no matter how minimal or extensive the damage is.

Caesar stone Chip and Crack Repair

Ceasar stone and other engineered benchtops are prone to damage whether it be small or large chips or cracks appearing.

Engineered benchtops are less durable than your typical natural stones and therefore require greater care when operating around them. The good news is Marble Everlast will repair the damage to the point you may have trouble spotting exactly where the damage was previously and at a relatively affordable cost.

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