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Do Your Bathrooms look dull?

A bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms of the household therefore over time the Marble or Stone in it will become Dull, Worn and subsequently Unattractive.

Marble Everlast can polish and restore Shower Floors, Walls, Vanity Tops and Bath Surrounds adding value and satisfaction to your home.

A common problem we encounter with customers and their bathrooms is the unawareness of how damaging certain cleaning products are to their marble and stone. It is because of this, bathrooms quickly lose their natural polish and become ever increasingly harder to clean.

Marble Shower Floors tend to lose their polish a lot quicker due to frequent use and exposure to hard water being left to absorb through the porous layers of the Marble. Once a Shower Floor is restored to its original polished finish it is strongly recommended to have an appropriate protective sealer applied to protect against common problems such as limescale or efflorescence

Benefits Of Polishing/Restoring Your Bathroom With Marble Everlast

  • Restores a natural and glossy appearance
  • Makes cleaning easier and inexpensive
  • Removes mold growth and limescale
  • Proper instructions on how to maintain your marble/stone and avoid previous problems

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