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Marble Everlast focus solely on the treatment and restoration of all stone surfaces in the Brisbane Area. We offer a range of services from polishing to repairs of natural and man made stone.


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Bathrooms   -   Vanity tops   -   Interior Floors  -   Kitchen Bench tops   -   Exterior stonework -Driveways/Patios


Why go with Marble Everlast

  • Guaranteed improvement to your stone
  • Prompt Service and Flexible working times
  • Up-to-date technology to ensure your stone is restored to it's best potential
  • Swift Appraisal and Quotation
  • 20+ Years Stonemason Knowledge and Experience

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Here are a common list of concerns our clients encounter with their stone.

Over time the polish on your floors or bench-tops will wear off especially in high traffic areas. The higher the traffic the likelihood your floor will need polishing sooner rather than later. Regular maintenance is advised if you would like your floors kept looking immaculate. Marbles are notoriously softer than other natural stones and therefore wear more easily. Click here if your stone needs polishing.


Etching is a common occurrence in soft stone surfaces. It usually occurs when acidic liquids are spilled and left to absorb through the porous layers. What appears like dull spots can be very difficult to remove and will require our polishing procedure to completely remove them.


When you notice staining on your stone, the likely cause is primarily having no sealer or a sealer that has worn off over the years. Foods, drinks  and oils are likely contributors. Stains may be removed with a our poultice paste or at least improve the appearance.

Efflorescence is not a usual occurrence. It appears as white flaky powder sticking on the surface of your stone. Ultimately this is the result of flooding or large pools of water being left to penetrate the stone surface and when dried a reaction known as crystallisation will occur. Contact us to if you notice this happening on your stone.

Chips & Cracks
Chips and cracks can be repaired with either our advanced UV light repair unit or an epoxy resin depending upon the size and depth of the damage. Damage to your stone is hard to avoid especially if the stone is poorly laid making the stone prone to such damages. We offer an exclusive repair service, efficient and cost-worthy.

Water Ring Marks
Just like etch marks, a prime example of water rings is when you leave a glass or cup on your bench-top with moisture at the bottom. It doesn't take long before the water seaps through the surface leaving a dull ring or mark. Of course this is prominent when there is no sealer present in the stone and they are extremely noticeable amongst shiny polished surfaces. 


***Prompt REPAIR Service***

Chippings  |  Cracks  |  Staining

WE can fix any defect in your stone with either our advanced UV light repair kit or a colour match epoxy resin depending on 

the severity of the damage

- No need for on-site inspection (just send a photo of defective stone work)

- Quick fix service 

- Affordable quotes

- Reliable and effective curing methods

- Up-to-date stone repair technology

- Quality workmanship guaranteed

Approximately 50 percent of our work centres around small defects on mostly marble surfaces in residential homes. Whether it is a small chip in your kitchen bench top or a crack in your shower cubicle, Marble Everlast possess the correct tools and knowledge to repair any stone defect in your home. 

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